So how does an egg-in-a-box business even begin? 

With three sisters and the question, "what if a message could be hidden in an egg?" The rest is history, which our family endearingly coined "the Eggy Factory". 

We are a small, family run business, who pride ourselves in creativity, passion, and craftsmanship.  Every item is handmade from start to finish with an attention to detail that we have become known for.   

Meet the founder.

Birdalay was born in 2011, when Elizabeth was tired of her job in the hospitality industry, and spending late nights working on an idea she'd dreamt up. An egg, a message, and a new way to "break the news". Together with her sisters Anna and Maria, they created a new company, Birdalay™.

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We love our community and our world.

As both a business owner and mother, Maria cares deeply about making the world a better place for the next generation. She's more than a little crunchy, which sometimes drives her siblings nuts. But it also drives her to seek new ways to make Birdalay eco friendly, like recyclable packaging, and buying quail eggs from local farmers. Granola Moms for the win!

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Anna loves dogs, coffee and....hold up, doesn't everyone? She's the little sis nicknamed "Anna-Banana" and is our in-house wizard at marketing and analysis. She also comes up with our most irreverent note ideas, because that's what little sisters are for!

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