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The Original Egg Birthday Card

The Original Egg Birthday Card

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The Egg card that started it all! 

Crack the egg to reveal the hidden birthday message inside! Send happy birthday wishes of surprise with this totally unique and interactive birthday card! A fun surprise for the recipient that makes a great birthday gift for people of all ages! Why send a birthday card when you can send a birthday egg!

Choose from one of our 8 premade note options, or customize your own! 

Select your desired color, or leave the egg au naturel - our personal favorite!

100% handmade. Every egg has been washed, blown, sanitized, and filled with your selected note through a small hole in the bottom! 

If you select a custom note, write your note wording in the customization box, and be sure to proofread your work before submitting as we will print exactly what you type.

Our expert design team will take your note wording and craft it into a beautiful layout and font pairing that works perfectly with your submitted text.

Ordering multiple different notes? No worries! We will mark the bottom of each box so you know which box has which note wording.



Shipping starts at just $4.50! We can ship to you or directly to your recipient for you! If you'd like us to do so, simply add your recipient's address upon checkout and mark your purchase as a gift! We won't include any receipt or info that will give away the surprise.

Orders ship within 2-3 business days!


Product Dimensions 

  • Egg: approximately 1.5" long 
  • Note: 3"x1"
  • Square nest box: approximately 2"x2" 
  • Round nest box: approximately 2.5"x2.5"

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